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Less Stress More Success Art: Visual Studies

Less Stress More Success Art: Visual Studies

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Concise revision guide covering the Leaving Cert Art written examination.

  • Updated in line with the 2021 Leaving Certificate Art specification and 2023 exam and marking scheme
  • Concise revision of popular topics from the European and Irish content areas:
    • The Renaissance – Proto, Early, High Renaissance and Mannerism (c. 1300–1600s)
    • Realism, Impressionism and Post-Impressionism (c. 1850–1900s)
    • Pre-Christian Ireland (c. 4000 BCE–500 CE)
    • Georgian Period (c. 1720–1800s)
  • Clear definitions and annotated illustrations
  • AEDP feature provides specific analysis of the Art Elements and Design Principles
  • Numerous typical exam questions for the Today’s World section prepare you to respond to unfamiliar artworks
  • A full overview of the practical and written components, including sample student responses and Artist’s Statement
  • A useful and achievable Revision Timetable with advice on planning a Visual Studies answer and managing time in the exam


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