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Jolly Phonics Sounds Like Fun DVD

Jolly Phonics Sounds Like Fun DVD

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First shown on the popular Cartoonito TV Channel, the Sounds Like Fun DVD is a perfect resource for helping children learn how to read and write. Based on Jolly Phonics, the DVD introduces children to the 42 letter sounds of the English language and teaches them how to blend the sounds for reading as well as how to identify the sounds in words for writing. The DVD contains 39 short episodes (approximately 5 mins each), with each letter sound introduced in its own episode. Animated characters enhance the learning and engage children in a range of activities.

Ideal for children aged 3+

Learn to read and write with Sounds Like Fun:

Learn the letter sounds

Copy the letter-sound actions

Listen out for the sounds in spoken words

Read the words you have just heard

Bonus material: say the sounds!


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