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Construction Technology

Construction Technology

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A completely new textbook from the market-leading author of Construction Studies Today that comprehensively covers the design and construction of sustainable homes to meet both the Building Regulations and the Passive House Standard.

Provides complete design drawings for three types of new houses demonstrating six structural systems

- Two themes run through the text:

o Design – the idea that homes must be consciously designed to ensure they perform as


o Sustainability – the idea that the long-term impact of every aspect of home design must be considered

- The content is divided into three distinct areas with a strong emphasis on design throughout:

o Context – looks at the bigger picture issues that influence the design of homes including global and national issues, urban design, rural design and accessibility

o Structure – looks at how a home is built with a particular emphasis on the external envelope

o Comfort and low energy – looks at how a comfortable indoor environment is created without the need to consume surplus energy

Each topic reflects the latest knowledge and best practice design and construction methods being used in Ireland and abroad


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